The Hearing Center is the foremost audiology facility in New Haven County, Connecticut.

We strive to evaluate and address any concern about your hearing in order to improve your quality of life. Our variety of services and state-of-the-art technology ensure that your hearing healthcare needs are quickly and properly resolved. Our excellent staff is welcoming and happy to accommodate your needs with personalized care. We offer comprehensive hearing healthcare solutions, from hearing evaluations, to diagnostic services, to hearing aid fittings.

If your hearing loss has begun to negatively impact your ability to converse daily, you may need a hearing aid. We can first administer a hearing evaluation to understand your situation and find your solution.
The evaluation will include determining how much your hearing problem impacts your daily life, how and when the hearing loss started, if you experience dizziness or ringing in your ears, and finally, questions about your general health. Our audiologists will use the evaluations and your preferences to select the best style of hearing aid, if necessary. We also provide hearing aid fittings to make sure the fit is comfortable and secure. Schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists today to get a hearing evaluation.
Specialized hearing testing may be necessary for children, adults, and seniors with suspected hearing loss because of medical pathology, family history, medical history, special services or failing a hearing screening.
The Hearing Center will work with you in order to evaluate your degree of hearing loss and determine the best solution for you. Our diagnostic services include industrial hearing screenings, complete evaluations, ear canal inspection, pure tone testing, and speech testing.

The Hearing Center is proud to offer the following diagnostic services:

  • Custom ear molds and micromolds for hearing aids
  • Complete audiological evaluations for children and adults
  • Otoscopy (inspection of the ear canals)
  • Pure tone testing
  • Speech testing
  • Tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing
  • Distortion product otoacoustic emissions testing
  • Tinnitus evaluations
  • Hearing aid programming and verification (real ear measurements)
  • Speech in noise testing
Our Continuous Care Plan provides follow up hearing health care including regular cleaning of the hearing aids and adjustments to the hearing aid settings.
Modern hearing instruments are small, comfortable personal amplifiers that are finely tuned to each individual’s hearing needs. Our office works with many manufacturers to best meet the needs and life style of our patients. We strive to provide an individualized fitting tailored to each person to optimize the audibility, comfort, and clarity of sound.
If a hearing aid requires cleaning, an adjustment and/or replacement part, the audiologist can often do an in-house repair. If the repair is beyond the scope of our tools, the device will be sent to the manufacturer for a lab repair.
An earmold is a customized earpiece made to fit perfectly inside the ear. These products are available for amplification, communication, sleeping, swimming, hearing protection (i.e. recreational shooting, car racing, concerts), and musician’s use.
Our practice offers custom-made earpieces for a variety of listening needs. To make a custom ear piece, the audiologist will take an impression of the ear canal so that the device will be a perfect fit.
The Hearing Center provides the following custom products & services:
  • Custom ear molds and micromolds for hearing aids
  • Sleep plugs
  • Swim molds
  • Hearing protection (musician’s ear plugs, recreational shooting, etc.)
  • Custom ear buds (earphones, Bluetooth telephone headset, etc.)
As technology continues to advance, there are many assistive devices to keep individuals with hearing impairment connected, including blue-tooth connectivity, amplified telephones, TV devices, and alerting/warning/alarm systems.
We carry a full line of batteries and tools for the cleaning and maintenance of hearing aids.

Hearing Aids

The first step toward better hearing is determining the presence and the extent of the hearing loss.
Using state-of-the-art equipment, hearing testing is administered and interpreted by a Doctor of Audiology to define the type and degree of hearing loss. The patient will also discuss other symptoms of hearing loss (i.e., ringing in the ears), and the specific difficulties they may be having with their hearing and communication (which environments, types of voices/sounds). The patient and the audiologist will develop a plan to improve hearing and communication. Recommendations may include hearing aids and other useful tools.


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